Omer Mendelson, LICSW

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve its beauty.”

~Maya Angelou

It is my life’s joy through therapy to help you find the courage to make these changes & to discover your beauty

About Me

I believe that we all tell stories about ourselves, and we have stories told about ourselves. Therapy is our time for us to learn to expand these stories, and create new possibilities for our lives.

As a licensed clinical social worker with over 14 years experience in the field, my focus has been working with parents, children and young adults. In addition to providing individual therapy and running groups for parents who struggle with Substance Use Disorder and children impacted by family addiction, I have trained social workers and therapists across North America on parenting and working with parents. Further, I have worked with college-age students and adults with issues of anxiety, depression, trauma, LGBTQ, and multicultural/multiracial families and issues around identity.

Prior to obtaining my MSW, I worked with children as an ESL teacher and tutor. I hold my Bachelors degree from McGill University and my Masters in Social Work at Smith College. I have lived in 4 countries and travelled extensively- all of which help me bring curiosity and openness to my clients.

I have worked at the Institute for Health and Recovery since 2010 (ongoing), and have supervised clinicians in 4 different programs, with clinical supervision being a particular interest of mine.

I use a mix of narrative, play-based, expressive techniques (i.e. sand tray), trauma-informed psychodynamic approaches, as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based CBT, and Internal Family Systems’ approaches.

As a parent myself, I believe we are all parents in progress, and I bring a warm, caring, insightful approach, using humour and heart to help my clients find satisfying and meaningful relationships.

Work with Children

Children learn through play, they also work out the difficult and challenging things in their lives through play.
Using narrative and play therapy, I work with children to understand their struggles and the many various ways to overcome them.

When children are struggling, it often looks like acting out, or they may turn these struggles inward. My work is to help families understanding the ways in which children are attempting to connect and help strengthen these connections.

Some children may feel reluctant at first to meet with a therapist, and it is important for me to learn to connect with your child, help them feel comfortable and build a strong therapeutic alliance. I try to “speak” the child’s language and learn their world. I have found that children respond to the humour, fun, gentleness and support I provide.

Work with Adults

Sometimes making the call for therapy takes the most effort. It can be scary, and asking for help when you are struggling is often the hardest thing we can do, and yet it is the most courageous.

When you reach out, you will find a warm, supportive and non-judgmental therapy environment. I believe that when we are struggling, sometimes we need to look deep at the details of our lives, like the cracks of tree bark. At other times, it helps to step back and see the bigger picture and see the forest in the midst of the trees. Therapy is a chance to do both of these.

Work with Parents & Families

I know from my own experience parenting, there is no way to be a perfect parent, but a million ways to be a good one.

Having children can bring up our own experiences in our family of origin, magnifying these family “legacies” (and we somehow, inexplicably, find ourselves sounding like our mothers…) Our own past hurts can challenge our communication with our children and impede our sense of well-being. While our past relationships can hold many hurts, we can also find healing in our relationships through our time in therapy.

Supporting parents and helping families manage these challenges is a passion of mine, and I bring an encouraging, honest and sense of humour to my work with parents and families.

Services Offered

Initial Consultation: Reach out for a free fifteen minute consultation to see if we are a good fit

Adult Intake (initial appointment) $180 [90 minute session]

Child Intake & all Individual Therapy $150* [50 minute session, includes family/parent consultations as needed]

Couples Therapy $165

Clinical Supervision $150

Insurance: Accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBS

*For clients whose financial circumstances may prevent them from accessing mental health services, I reserve a number of sliding scale slots. I am happy to discuss your particular financial circumstances during an initial consultation.


Availability Wednesdays and Sundays

Telehealth or COVID safe in-person Available

Contact Me

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Located across the street from the Newton Center T-Station.